Granite Vases

Granite Vases

Metal Craft Vases

The Paragon memorial vase shows us that things aren't always as they seem. Styled after traditional granite vases, the Paragon has set a new standard, using die cast aluminum construction. You get the look of granite without the high cost. And with our color match finishes, the Paragon will fit any memorial perfectly.

Patriot Vase

Looking for a vase for a niche or columbium? Take a look at the Patriot! Easy installation method! PLEASE check your cemetery's regulations before you purchase. The Patriot has a flat back for installation to any polished surface. For outdoor installation we recommend a small bead of silicon be applied all the way around the Patriot for a seal.


Adding the Monarch to a columbarium or the back of a slant allows it to be more distinctive, setting it apart from other similar memorials. The Monarch vase also beautifully compliments the face of serpentine monuments by matching the top curves. Coming in an array of colors, each is specially sealed with our exclusive finish, keeping it beautiful for years to come.