Why choose Cemetery Monument Co., Inc. to purchase a headstone.
( gravestone, tombstone and monument ) for your beloved one?

  • We guarantees our headstones, grave stones and monuments to reach your site in perfect condition or we'll replace it free of charge.
  • We guarantees there is no hidden cost in purchasing our Memorial Headstones.
  • Cemetery Monument Company has served the monuments markets in US, Canada, and other countries for over 40 years and is committed to meeting every customer's personal requirements.
  • Cemetery Monument Company employs highly skilled craftsmen who are especially experienced with Angel Headstones, Jesus Headstones, Virgin Mary Headstones, and granite cemetery monuments in a wide variety of styles.
  • Cemetery Monument Company provides exquisite headstones at an affordable prices.
  • Cemetery Monument Company will customize to your requirements. We take the greatest of care throughout the process, from design to installation, to ensure a product and an experience fitting the memory of your loved one.
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General Monument and Memorialization Services

Monument and Marker Cleaning

Over time, outdoor elements can leave a granite or marble memorial dirty and prone to moss and growth. Call us today have your memorial professionally cleaned.

Cemetery Foundations

A good concrete foundation is key in preventing tilting or leaning of monuments which can occur with the freezing and thawing conditions in this area of the country. Whenever cemetery regulations allow, we will complete the foundation for your memorial.

Cemetery Lettering

When a final date needs to be engraved on a memorial already installed in a cemetery, please call us.

Memorial Installation

When cemetery regulations permit, we will provide the installation of your memorial or monument at the cemetery. In the event that a pre-installed memorial needs to be relocated, we also provide this service.

Miscellaneous Sandblasting

We offer sandblasting services on non-memorial related items. Please contact us for details.