Preserve Your Loved One's Name in Granite

Get custom headstones in the Bronx, NY

Losing someone you love can make you feel lost and alone. Cemetery Monument Co., Inc. is here to help, as if we were doing something for our own loved one. We create custom headstones and custom grave markers, allowing you to memorialize your loved one in the way they would have preferred.

We also offer:

Custom grave monuments | Benches | Mausoleums |Columbariums | Cremation urns | Statues | Veteran memorials | Shape carved memorials | Diamond etched memorials

We'll use the finest quality granite, marble, sandstone or bronze for your loved one's custom monument. We also provide bronze plaques, crypt openings and closings, etchings, lettering and inscriptions. Please email us to learn more about the grave stones we have available in the Bronx, NY.

Help Your Family Move On

We offer a pre-need monument program for anyone who wishes to avoid some of the stress and difficulties associated with choosing a custom headstone or grave monument. All costs for your custom grave monument can be prepaid. This can help relieve the financial burden for your loved ones.

If you want to learn more about our custom headstones and grave monuments, email us today.

What makes Cemetery Monument Co. the best choice for you?

Our company strives to earn your trust while serving the needs of your family. You can rely on us because:

  • We've been in business for 88+ years
  • We offer wholesale pricing to the public
  • We honestly care and will treat you as if we were serving our family
If you need a custom grave marker in the Bronx, NY, call us at 718-824-3600.