Pre Need Monuments

Why use our pre-need monument program?
    With the Cemetery Monument Company's pre-need monument program you choose the style, design and granite color of the monument. The monument then tells the story of your life, your experiences and your life pursuits. For example; your favorite camping or hunting spot, riding your horse, ATVs, your car, motorcycles, gardening, favorite flower and pets, as well as your dreams, passions, and loves.

    A pre-need monument purchase makes it easier for loved ones by removing the difficult decision of choosing a monument during a tender and emotional time.

     All monument costs may be prepaid relieving the monetary burden from loved ones.

     Easily add names and dates to the monument. We take great care and use skill when adding dates and names to your monument. When adding information to an existing monument, unlike other monument companies or cemeteries, we match the existing font on the monument making it a seamless beautiful design.
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