Ceramic Portraits

Remember Your Loved One With A Picture Memorial That Will Last Forever

Choose Your Photo Plaque From A Variety Of Shapes And Sizes

Oval Shape

5 x 7 CM
7 x 9 CM
8 x 10 CM
10 x 13 CM
11 x 13 CM
13 x 18 CM

Round Shape

3 " Diameter
6" Diameter

Heart Shape           

4" x 4''
6" x 6"

Rectangle Shape

5" x 7"

Photo memorial plaques commemorate your loved one as you remember them

Our photo memorials take your beautiful memories captured in a favorite photo and turn it into a celebration of life. You choose your photograph and we will place it on a porcelain plaque using our special firing process.

Picture memorials are perfect for headstones, grave markers, monuments, mausoleums and almost anywhere you can think of. The easy installation means you can quickly install the commemorative plaque on your own. Don't worry, we will provide easy directions for a simple installation you to follow.

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